Food law? Whatever you need, we have the expertise
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How do we run our projects?

Before starting the work , together with the Client we agree the goal, scope and course of the consultancy project and specify the deadline for its completion. We are available to address any questions that may arise after the implementation. We are happy to present and discuss conclusions of our opinions during meetings.

We rely on excellent knowledge of regulations, experience and familiarity with the methodology used by inspectorates in Poland and in other countries. These factors, as well as our Team that continues to improve their qualifications, allow us to act effictively.

What projects do we dot?

We deal with all issues related to the functioning of organisations in the food industry, supplement industry, HORECA, or materials and products: from the registration of the business, idea for a product or service, implementation of national and EU procedures, to advertising campaigns and issues related to the presence of products on the market, audits carried out by inspectorates, and interest from competitors.
We prepare answers to all questions concerning the interpretation and application of food law.
  • Can an ingredient be used and in what dose?
  • How to justify that a product has been correctly classified as an FSMP?
  • What are the criteria for assessing product safety?
  • Can the selected additive be used in the product?
  • Can a product be called (for example) “cocoa” product or maybe “cocoa-flavoured” product?
  • Who is responsible for labelling in case of a private label?
  • To which category does the product belong?
Category assessment

We indicate correct product CATEGORIES [food supplement, general foodstuffs, FSMP, enriched foods]

Contents assessment

We check whether it is possibleto use an ingredient in a given product, category or food in general. We review the history of consumption and evaluate  the amount of ingredient in the overall product content.

Labelling assessment – labels

We review the information on labels to ensure compliance with the law or develop labels based onspecifications. We check mandatory and voluntary content.

Registration & notification

We carry out all national procedures related tothe marketing of foods. We notify the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) on behalf of our Clients.

Food supplement

We will check the category, components, doses of active ingredients, additives, as well as labels and advertising. We will notify the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS).


We will draft the label and check the correctness of the trade name. We will guide you through the recognition procedure and advise on placing on the market NMW from third countries.

Novel food

We check whether an ingredient constitutes a novel food. If not – we will collect evidence to confirm the HISTORY OF CONSUMPTION. If so – we will prepare an application to the European Commission.

Obligations of the food business operator (FBO)

We help in the fulfilment of obligations of FBO, including: notifications to the inspectorate, registration, approval, as well as meeting the production, processing and distribution.

Health claims

We have experience in preparing applications for a health claim authorisation. We coordinate the process. We draft the application. We join  forces with EU experts for the project.

Foods for special medical purposes (FSMP)

We will assess whether a product can constitute FSMP due to its content and intended use, write a justification of the category, develop a label, notify the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS).

Marketing & Social Media

We can check the compliance of an advertisement with regulations  when it is still at the stage of the concept and script, or when it is ready for broadcasting. We suggest solutions. We will tell you what to pay attention to when starting cooperation with an influencer.

Health and nutrition claims

We will develop a list of product claims that will be a good basis for marketing. We will indicate what conditions the product must meet and how to modify the contents of the claim. We will check whether claims have been used correctly.

Audit of the website and the online store

We modify the content of the websites to bring it in line with the regulations. We offer solutions. We check whether all information required by law is available in the online store.


We will support you in a crisis, e.g. notification to RASFF. We offer step-by-step advice on how to proceed.

Food name

On the basis of the specification and intended use, we suggest what name the product should have. We will provide a customary name or develop a descriptive one.

Functional foods

We will indicate in which category it should be marketed, we will verify its contents, check the label, instruct what can be said about FF in advertising in line with the law.

Other markets

We coordinate the introduction and marketing of products and services on other markets. We present legal requirements in the target market, check whether the product and its labels comply with those requirements; we notify and register. We will show you how to obtain an FSC.

Regulatory impact assessment

We assess how new or planned regulations will affect the product and the company. We indicate potential risk and challenges. Thanks to our impact assessment reports companies are able to prepare for changes in regulations well in advance and avoid  unnecessary stress.

Guides and checklists

We develop practical tools for different departments, e.g. a marketing guide “Prohibited Contents in Food Advertising”, a university guide “How to Check a Botanical Ingredient Status”, a medical department and R&D guide “What Information Must Be Provided in FSMP Advertising”.

Competition breaks the law?

We check whether the given company is violating the provisions of food law, and if so, which ones and what the consequences it may face. We also participate in mediations between competing companies.

Inspection has detected irregularities?

If a Client company happened to make a mistake, we will show them how to remedy it, how to respond, etc. And what if it is the inspectorate that is wrong? We will check, present arguments, and write a justification.

Food contact materials (FCM)

We will assess the compliance of the material with requirements, indicate what tests are required to confirm its safety, and prepare the declaration of conformity.

Eco, free from GMO, natural, SUPERFOOD

We will check if it is  possible to use the marketing content, present the requirements and help implement them.


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