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IGI FOOD LAW is a team of consultants specialising in food law, with work experience in inspection, in the European Commission and EFSA structures, in Poland, Brussels and in Washington.

We have been supporting the food sector since 2006. Thanks to the experience, knowledge of the industry, following the trends and constant monitoring of the work of EU institutions, we ] provide solutions which not only ensure a safe presence of the product or service on the market but will also allow you to gain advantage over your competitors. We are not afraid to ask difficult questions to the authorities and promote non-standard solutions – always in compliance with regulations.


IGIFL is above all a Team of experts who superbly complement one another constantly broaden their knowledge and truly enjoy their job!
This can be seen in our analyses and even more so during our training sessions.

We have reasons to be proud

We support Clients with whom we started cooperating in 2006, and new Clients come to us mainly thanks to recommendations.
We run the Food Law Summer School which is a highly valued workshop in food law in Poland.
As we like what we do, we constantly develop our competences, gather experience, and cooperate with the world of science and inspectorates.
We are invited to share our knowledge at conferences in different parts of the world, from Ankara to San Diego.
We have trained hundreds of people from companies, inspectorates, and universities, and so enhanced their competences to perform their current duties.
We set trends – by observing the companies’ needs and development directions , we introduce training in new areas to the Polish market.


Izabela Tańska
Food Law Advisor
President of the Management Board of IGI FOOD LAW Sp. z o.o.
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She specializes in the issues of food marketing, labeling and advertising, in particular functional food. She has knowledge and 20 years of experience in the field of interpretation and application of food law. She has extensive experience in the implementation of EU procedures (statements, novel foods, additives). She is an expert advising in the processes of mergers and acquisitions of companies in the food sector. It verifies the potential of startups and helps them win markets. She cooperates with inspections, scientific institutes and industry organizations.

She has over 1000 hours of lectures delivered during trainings for food industry companies and inspections. Speaker at national and international conferences (including Washington DC, Utah, California, Frankfurt, Brussels, Bonn, Amsterdam, Boston, Ankara).

Author of over 50 publications on the requirements of food law and co-author of the book “Nutraceutical and Functional Food Regulations in the United States and around the World”, 2019. Originator of the Summer Food Law School.

Since 2006, she has been a food law advisor at IGIFL, and since 2009, the President of the Management Board. For several years she worked in the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate as a person responsible for Polish positions in the field of food law represented in EU institutions. She also gained experience in Brussels, in the life science team of an American law firm, implementing projects for large international companies, and in Washington as an advisor to American companies introducing products to the EU market.

A scholarship holder of the Norman E. Borlaug International Program of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies (Washington DC, USA) and a graduate of the APP at the Warsaw University of Technology Business School. In 2019, she was appointed a member of the Sectoral Competence Council – High-quality food sector.

Her knowledge and experience were particularly appreciated when she was invited to present the “Principles for Marketing New Functional Products on the EU Market” at Harvard Medical University in 2018. In 2019, she again gave a lecture on EU food law at Harvard Medical School.

Privately – Happy mother of 4 children, a traveler who has visited over 50 countries on 6 continents, a lover of Verdi’s operas, Cuban salsa and kitesurfing.


Żywność specjalnego przeznaczenia medycznego a suplementy diety – kwalifikacja, podobieństwa i różnice, zmiany w przepisach

Suplementy diety to kategoria środków spożywczych, którą na przestrzeni ostatniej dekady w Polsce charakteryzował najbardziej dynamiczny [...]
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Konopie i CBD: superżywność czy lek? Korzyści, zagrożenia, status prawny w Unii Europejskiej

Konopie – rośliny magiczne, lecznicze, użytkowe, w końcu zakazane. Powszechność wykorzystania konopi w celach żywieniowych i leczniczych [...]
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Monitoring żywności wprowadzanej pierwszy raz do obrotu – podsumowanie zmian prawnych, wskazówki dla przedsiębiorców

Przeważająca część żywności może być wprowadzana do obrotu przez przedsiębiorstwa legalnie działające na rynku spożywczym, bez [...]
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Joanna Olszak
Food Law Advisor
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Since 2008, invariably involved in food law – a complex and ever-fluid matter, inspiring but also full of gaps that only a real enthusiast and many years of practice can fill and use.

How to get around in this area? How to understand and tame it so that it does not stand in the way of running a business? This is what she deals with on a daily basis, transforming experience and skills into the success of clients – both those who start their adventure in the industry and its leaders.

She specializes in solving problems with the interpretation of regulations, especially regarding labeling, promotion and advertising of food. She regularly publishes in the trade press, as well as in popular science. She assesses the correctness of the composition, prepares draft letters to offices and trains all those who want to learn the secrets of food law and practice them in practice, while having fun at the same time.

Privately – a trainer of good eating habits of three children, an amateur of coffee and books, but only the “real” ones – with a cover, pages and a unique fragrance.

Ewelina Grzegorzewicz
Director of the IGIFL Office
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She has been with IGIFL since 2015. Ewelina manages the IGIFL Office and is responsible for organisational matters related to the implementation of consulting and training projects. She ensures efficient operation of the office and effective information flow. Ewelina supervises the performance of contracts with our Business Partners. She also coordinates organisation of training courses and has significant experience in implementing projects related to organisation and administration.

She has a doctoral degree: for over ten years she worked with the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw (SGGW) and Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw(UKSW) as an administrative employeeand lecturer. She  also holds a post-graduate  degree in the area ofsafety and quality in the food chain.

Privately – mum to two teenagers, enthusiast of hillwalking trips, who loves to be active in the community and, above all, to help others.


Specialists in different areas
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Our Team also includes Experts in many fields of science, law firms, laboratories, and institutes we cooperate with, depending on the project needs.



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